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Cross-country: "An individual or mass start competition which is held on a circut course comprised of forest roads, forests or field trails and unpaved dirt or gravel roads ( a minimal ammount of paved road may be necessary)."

Cross-country races are by far the most popular, at least here in Minnesota. This is not my favorite kind of racing however. I prefer Observed trials, downhill, and dual slalom. Cross-country events require much better fittnes and often a racer must endure pain, especially on uphills. Why do people do it? Well, if you are in excellent shape the pain is minimal and it is fun somehow, but not as fun as others in my opinion.

Cross-country races in the midwest are usually 10 to 25 miles in length depending on the class of the rider and are usually held at ski resorts, thus there is a lot of hill climing involved.

Example Courses

Cairns Austrailia Downhill
Course Length8km-plus on first lap, 2.5km start loop
Single Track31.25%
Double Track68.75%
Climbing/lap2470 m/lap 30.8% climbing
Flat or undulating3280 m/lap 41%
Descending/lap2250 m/lap 28.2%
Highest Point220 metets
Finishing Height20 meters
Expected Time2 to 2.5 hours

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