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Dual Slalom: According to the NORBA competition guide a dual slalom race is,"An event where two competitiors race head-to-head down two parallel slalom courses. The two courses should be as close to identical as possible with an average time differential of less than one second."

Dual Slalom is one of my favorite kinds of mountain bike races. Here in the
midwest most races are held on relatively mildly steep ski slopes. It is a great
way to test your bike handeling abilities as well as have a lot of fun. So if you
have a chance to go to a dual slalom race, do it, you'll love it amd even if you
don't race they are great fun to watch.

Tips & Tricks:
      1. Lower your seat. This helps keep your center of gravity low and thus you can take the corners faster.
      2. many people use a rising bar and a short, rising stem. This seems to work for a lot of people, but for me I just flip my Cannondale stem over so that it rises, and that get's me the position I need.
      3.Tires are very important. On thick grass covered ski slopes I prefer to use Panaracer Spike tires. These have excellent traction on this kind of surface but lose traction as the course gets torn up more.
      If you have any other suggestions e-mail me.

Dual Slalom MPEGS!

      This is a mpeg of David Oachs in a dual slalom race in MN at Buck Hill.

      This is a mpeg of Paul Hanson in a dual slalom race at Buck Hill MN.

For imformation on dual slalom races go to my page of races


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